SMAN 37 Jakarta Alumni Association Consistently Supports Education and Environmental Conservation, Boy Rafli Amar: IKASMAN37JKT Prepares SMAN 37 Students as Environmental Agents of Change

On March 18, 2023, the SMAN 37 Jakarta Alumni Association (IKASMAN37JKT) held a seminar with the theme “Unite Perceptions, Strengthen Synergy” which was attended by approximately 150 participants from 35 generations. “The seminar aims to rekindle the camaraderie of alumni and socialize the work programs of the management led by the General Chairperson of IKASMAN37JKT,” said Boy Rafli Amar.

In the IKASMAN37JKT 2023 work program, there are several activities involving alumni and students of SMAN 37 Jakarta as well as the school authorities. The priority of the program is environmental action and strengthening education and training beyond the school curriculum. In addition, Boy Rafli Amar, who is also the Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), hopes that IKASMAN37JKT can assist SMAN 37 Jakarta in achieving the National Adiwiyata School Candidate (CSAN) by including education and environmental programs as priority programs.

Boy Rafli Amar also said that in the near future, he will meet with the Head of the Jakarta Education Agency to discuss the problem of the School Principal still being led by an acting principal. They will also discuss the extracurricular activities of Sispala in SMAN 37 Jakarta which can be a change agent in the field of environmental education, so as to facilitate the school’s desire to become CSAN.

Meanwhile, the General Chairperson of the Jakarta Sispala Alumni Forum (FASTA), Adjie Rimbawan, in a separate statement, appreciated the steps taken by IKASMAN37JKT in re-emerging SISPALA in SMAN 37 Jakarta with a new environmentally-aware concept. He hopes for greater support from SMAN 37 alumni to help the revival of Sispala in SMAN 37 Jakarta in line with the concept developed by FASTA.

In closing his speech, Boy Rafli Amar hoped that this seminar would lead to a two-way dialogue between management and alumni of different generations, so that this activity could be a joint contribution from alumni to alumni, alumni to alma mater, and alumni to the environment around the school.

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